David Coleman: Profile
Member DNA Global Thought Leadership/Advisory Network

David Coleman, Founder and Managing Director of Collaborative Strategies (CS) has been involved with groupware, collaborative technologies, and knowledge management (KM) since 1989. He is a frequent public speaker, an industry analyst, and author of books and magazine articles on electronic collaboration and knowledge management. David is on the advisory board of the upcoming CTC (collaboration technologies conference) in June in Boston, and is a principal in Collaboratory a hand-on, scenario-based collaboration experience that will be shown publicly for the first time at the CTC conference.

David was the author of a recent report on Real time Collaboration tools and trends (see: reports.collaborate.com) and is a frequent blogger on the CS site, in the Collaboration Blog, and the Technologies to Watch blog. He is the editor of Inside Collaboration, a free monthly newsletter from Collaborative Strategies and also is the author of a number of white papers on a variety of topics in collaboration that can be found (for free) at the Collaborative Strategies site at www.collaborate.com.

His background is 20 years as an industry analyst and consultant in the collaboration, online community, knowledge management and social networks area.

At Collaborative Strategies he is focused on helping vendors of collaborative tools with marketing and sales strategies, product roadmap, product marketing, business development, webinars, white papers, custom research, competitive analysis, etc.

David Coleman is the Author of ‚42 Rules for successful collaboration‛ and Co-Author of "Collaboration 2.0" (Happy About), the author of the Collaboration blog and the Managing Director of Collaborative Strategies. He has 20 years of experience will collaboration technologies, people issues and critical processes. He works with collaboration technology vendors on product strategies, business models and demand generation. He also works with medium to large
companies to help them figure out a successful strategy for collaboration throughout the organization.

David Coleman’s Specialties:

Online community and social network marketing and development, community management, technology selection, driving user adoption, strategic marketing, developing partnerships and business development. I have a great network and try to use it on a regular basis.

He also work with user organizations to develop collaborative strategies that are implementable and successful.