Doug Walton: Profile
Member DNA Global Thought Leadership/Advisory Network

Doug Walton, PhD is an organizational change strategist and author. He has worked with some of the world’s largest technology organizations to improve their ability to innovate and change rapidly in the fast-paced, global economy.

Over a 25-year career, Dr. Walton has held management positions in Fortune 500 computer and telecommunications companies such as Unisys, Lucent Technologies, Avaya, and Cisco Systems. After starting out as a computer engineer, he soon became interested in the design and change of human systems. He has built many high performing teams. He assembled a global technical information department at Lucent Technologies from acquired companies and then led the transformation of the group from a book paradigm to a web paradigm. He has been a key strategist and organizational change consultant for a multiyear, whole IT transformation effort at Cisco Systems involving profound changes to workforce planning, shared resource demand and supply, enterprise architecture, and the application development process.

Dr. Walton is also a professor of organizational systems design at the Saybrook Graduate School and President of the International Systems Institute. He holds MA and PhD degrees in organizational systems. He a certified in Nuerolinguistics Programming and has an MBTI qualification. He has given numerous speeches and workshops. He has published a book and several articles on the uses of technology for social change.

Organizational Transformation

  • Design of small and large change initiatives for all types of change
  • Continuous improvement to full transformation)
  • Program management of complex, multi-faceted change initiatives
  • Strategic planning workshops
  • Development of key performance indicators
  • Chartering and training of change teams
  • Adoption planning

Executive Coaching and Team Building

  • Workshops on being an effective change agent
  • Effectiveness assessment and development of better communication, collaboration, and learning in teams
  • Dealing with covert processes
  • Mentoring change leaders
  • Behavioral coaching
  • Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator assessments

Organizational and Stakeholder Research

  • Stakeholder analysis and development of influencing strategies
  • Organizational effectiveness assessment
  • Design and facilitation of surveys, interviews, and focus groups