Khursheed Khurody : Profile
Khursheed Khurody
Member DNA Global Network India Team
  Khursheed Khurody’s, diverse background and unique talent spans many countries. Born in India, Ms. Khurody was for the large part educated in the U.K. at private boarding schools whilst living in Doha, Qatar, after which she completed her undergraduate and post graduate work in the U.S.A. before moving to Bombay, India, to start her professional career. She is a member of DNA Global Network India Team and contributes to Leadership Transformation Programs/Retreats.

Ms. Khurody’s undergraduate work at The University of San Francisco in European Intellectual History and Literature combined with The Great Books Honors Program in the Humanities together with several academic awards for excellence in writing and inventive social work programs, won her a place at Harvard University for a post graduate degree in South Asian Studies. Harvard saw her bridge many disciplines in the Humanities, from Languages, Linguistics, Theology, and Literature, to Fine Arts, History, Sociology, and Philosophy.

In addition, Ms. Khurody has also received the highest levels of training in the classical performing arts, namely Western Classical Music and Ballet. Having studied the world over in both disciplines through institutions such as The Royal Schools of Music, UK, The San Francisco Conservatory of Music, The Boston Ballet School, and The Joffrey Ballet School in New York, she now has a private practice of her own in Bombay, in which she teaches the Classical Piano, the Theory of Music, and Ballet.

Ms. Khurody also both plays and organizes concerts for the music fraternity of Bombay, drawing talented artistes to come together from across the country to perform for the legacy and spirit of classical music.

Her managerial and organizational capabilities are further being driven by a Directorship in a family owned company, Khurody Technical Services Private Ltd. (KTSPL). The company provides management services for senior management and human resource, and has exposed Ms. Khurody to yet another world – that of businesses and corporations.

She is currently being groomed by her father, Mr. Nawshir D. Khurody, a successful business executive, to manage people and organizations - to transform them and take them to a better place.

Ms. Khurody’s distinctive and unique program in Human Resource, ‘Tuning Leadership’, encompasses Seminars, Workshops, and Programs for Vice Presidents and CEO’s of corporations using the abstract metaphor of music to stir and move management.

It was born of her need to: first contribute and communicate with people and bring her love of learning and scholarship to communities who will both benefit and share; second to expose the commonality and unity between disciplines, because there are clearly exceptional parallels, for example, in the voice of the arts and in the leadership and culture of organizations; and third, to build an enduring and dynamic relationship between the corporate world and the world of the arts and scholarship, in particular, the performing arts and humanities, because the more abstract arts such as music open up spaces that may otherwise remain unexplored.

‘Tuning Leadership’ is specifically geared to drive, motivate, transform, inspire, and awaken individuals, and thereby alter leadership styles in a natural and organic way.

Because of the nature of music, musicians can illustrate and effectively dramatize the importance of transparency, harmony, cooperation, and communication within and without people and their organizations, bringing about the sublimation of egos, the ability to emotionally engage oneself and others, and therefore, the unification of performance, contentment, and passion.

Leadership lessons through the Tuning Leadership Program are effective because music does not exploit; it is non-threatening, it does not provoke defensiveness; and because it is the language of the soul – of silence and sound, it is an inspirational, energizing and refreshing metaphor for matters of the human spirit.

As Plato said, “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.” Tuning Leadership offers insights for a new life.