Lynn Hunsaker: Profile
Member DNA Global Partner/Consultant Network

Lynn Hunsaker, MBA, specializes in customer-centric culture-building, customer data ROI, and cross-organizational engagement to deliver brand promises. Lynn has rich hybrid skills and executive experience in marketing & market research, process improvement & quality, organizational development & change management, and leadership & teaching. She managed customer experience programs for more than half of her career, and her executive roles include Head of Corporate Quality, Director of Marketing & Business Development, Manager of Voice of the Customer, Manager of Customer Services, Manager of Strategic Information, and Market Research Manager. She has worked with Accountants Inc, Adecco, Anritsu, Applied Materials, Cadence, Deltek, FormFactor, Hospira, Merck, MicroWarehouse, Sonoco, SunPower, and many other companies.

Lynn is author of three handbooks: Metrics You Can Manage For Success, Customer Experience Improvement Momentum, and Innovating Superior Customer Experience. She is a CustomerThink Top 25 Author and has taught graduate and undergraduate courses at UC Berkeley Extension, SJSU and Mission College. Lynn earned psychology and marketing degrees at BYU and an MBA at Vanderbilt University.

Customer Experience Management

  • Improve customer-centricity and customer profitability.
  • Align customer sentiment monitoring with customers’ world.
  • Monitor and manage moments of truth and related processes.
  • Guide strategic and tactical decision-making by lifetime value.
  • Innovate customer experience sustainably.
  • Leverage intrinsic motivators of employee engagement.
  • Design bonus formulae that deliver intended outcomes.
  • Manage dynamics of cross-functional collaboration.
  • Bridge styles to improve communication and commitments.
  • Motivate significant team achievements and cultural changes.
  • Discern leading vs. lagging indicators for actionability.
  • Prevent customer hassles by living the brand promise.

Marketing Operations

  • Develop marketing charter, governance, and interactions.
  • Streamline processes for two-way field communications.
  • Refine frameworks for campaign and budget ROI analysis.


  • Build trust via open dialog, effective questions and listening.
  • Create value through systems thinking.
  • Manage stakeholders, intended outcomes and partnering.
  • Understand others’ viewpoints of you and leverage strengths.
  • Refresh marketing skills: holistic, internal and external.

"Lynn has taught us things that would not readily cross our minds but after she explains them make total sense, and increased our efficiency and accuracy in many areas." –High Tech Marketing Director