Mark Gerzon: Profile
Member DNA Global Thought Leadership/Advisory Network

Mark Gerzon, is one of the key architects of the field of global leadership and an experienced facilitator in high-conflict zones. He has advised a wide variety of organizations including the US Congress, multinational corporations, and UNDP. The author of numerous books, including Leading Through Conflict and Global Citizens, he is currently serving as UN advisor on leadership in conflict-torn countries in Africa and Asia

He is a strategically placed mediator and leadership expert who has been an up-close, inside advisor not only to the US Congress, but to political leaders from Kenya to Nepal. He has worked with global leaders in every sector —civil society, business and government —and lectures and conducts workshops throughout the world. From the World Economic Forum to the United Nations, from corporate headquarters to national governments, he has worked with key decision-makers on every continent.

His previous book, Leading Through Conflict (Harvard Business School Press), laid the groundwork for his forthcoming book Global Citizens. Immediately after publication, Leading Through Conflict was translated into Spanish and Portuguese, Turkish and Russian, Chinese (both Mandarin and Cantonese), and is now spreading to other languages ranging from Swahili to Nepali to Arabic. The Chinese publisher hosted him for a 10-day book tour throughout China, an investment they make in very few Western authors.

As President of Mediators Foundation, which he founded over twenty years ago, Gerzon is working closely with several projects that also advance the field of global citizenship. He founded the Conflict Transformation Collaborative, a UNDP-supported network of peace-builders from around the world and is currently designing an interactive workshop ‘The Global Citizen Experience’ based on this book.

Global citizenship has been a lifelong interest for the author. For four decades, he has been involved in global affairs. He was one of a small number of students in the history of Harvard Colleague to be awarded full credit for his junior year for circling the world, studying in seven countries from Japan and Thailand to India and Russia. As a young journalist, he co-founded WorldPaper, a ‚global newspaper‛ which reached a circulation of 1.5 million in five languages. In his thirties, his pioneering work combined his role as a Hollywood screenwriter/producer with citizen diplomacy, bringing together leaders in the Soviet and American film industry into an ‚Entertainment Summit‛ that helped bring an end to the cold war on the big screen.

Today, he is known throughout the world for his consistent advocacy of global ethics. His regular column ‚The Global Citizen‛ will soon begin appearing in several publications around the world. In addition, his articles and commentaries have appeared recently in a variety of newspapers ranging from the Washington Post to the International Herald Tribune, and he has been profiled in the media from Istanbul to Nairobi. His screenplay The Trial of Osama bin Laden, co-authored with Peter Goldmark, is currently in development in Hollywood.