Nithya Shanti : Profile
Member DNA Global Network India Team

Nithya Shanti, is a spiritual teacher, writer, happiness coach, healer, educator and modern day sage. He is committed to sharing transformational principles and practices for true happiness with individuals and organizations. He is member of DNA Global Network India Team and contributes to Transformation Programs.

He studied business management at XLRI, Jamshedpur and then worked in the field of Human Resources and Corporate Strategy.

Since his teenage years he felt a deep yearning for spiritual growth and inner mastery. In 2001 he left his corporate career to ordain as a forest meditation monk in Thailand. For six years he underwent rigorous monastic training living with meditation masters in remote forests across South East Asia.

At a certain stage in his practice he felt guided to shift his emphasis from secluded sadhana to engaged spirituality. With the blessings of his teachers he stepped out of the monk role so he could transmit the timeless principles he had learnt in a modern context.

Nithya Shanti spreads happiness by example, by being a shining presence of joy and gratitude. He is gifted in the ability to share profound teachings in light-hearted ways. His capacity to inspire, elucidate complex subjects and offer practical transformational teachings has been appreciated by friends around the world.

Since 2007 he has been conducting workshops (which he calls “Joyshops”), meditation retreats and training programs in India, Nepal, USA, Singapore and Australia.

His achievements are diverse - he has taught at Columbia University (New York), coached CEO's, taught meditation and spiritual principles for happiness to psychiatrists, school and college teachers, jail inmates, senior government officials, security forces, etc. His work has been widely recognized and featured in leading publications and electronic media in India and abroad.

Some of his initiatives include The Happiest Days of Your Life Joyshop (A two day workshop), Conscious Living Programs (for Organizations), the SMS Joyshop (Some More Smiles – for teenagers), EFT Joyshop (Emotional Freedom Techniques), and many other transformational journeys.

Nithya Shanti coaches leaders in bringing spiritual principles to their arena of influence. He also regularly offers spiritual retreats.

His vision is to share practical wisdom teachings in a joyful manner by creating a "Happiness University" for inspired living and learning.

Interventions with him have proved life changing for thousands of people around the world. His life purpose is: "Being a sun loving everyone, spreading delight merging into light" Nithya Shanti's essential message is "Be Loving!”