Paul Joseph: Profile
Member DNA Global Partner/Consultant Network

Paul Joseph was Regional President for the Americas and Asia Pacific at Caterpillar Logistics Services Inc.  In this role he managed the one of the most profitable third-party logistics businesses in the industry. He was responsible for Marketing, Sales, Operations and P&L for thirty clients in ten countries: U.S., China, India, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil and Japan.  Provided service to clients, including Daimler, Ford, Land Rover, Bombardier, Harley Davidson and Emerson Electric.  Oversaw 3,000 employees.

Paul worked at Caterpillar for 33 years, and held a variety of Executive positions at Caterpillar in Logistics, Information Technology, Corporate Strategic Planning, and Manufacturing. Paul was the Director of Global Information Technology for Caterpillar, responsible for enterprise systems and infrastructure, with a staff of 1,800 IT professionals.

Paul is an experienced global executive who has travelled to and done business in 53 countries. From 2006 to 2009, Paul was the President of Cat Logistics for Asia Pacific and lived in Shanghai, China.

One of his major accomplishments at Caterpillar was developing Vision 2020 as a member of the Enterprise Strategic Planning Committee. As a result of executing this strategy, Caterpillar sales have grown from $30B to over $50B, and its stock has recently been the best performing stock in the Dow Industrial Index.

Paul's career has also included General Electric's Aircraft Engine Group where he was involved with the design and manufacturing of large commercial and military jet engines. He also has experience running his own IT consulting company.

Paul has an Executive MBA from the University of Illinois, a Master of Engineering degree in Robotics from Carnegie-Mellon University, a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from The George Washington University and a Bachelor of Technology degree from the Indian Institute of Technology.