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Ravi Varanasi
Member DNA Global Network Technology Team
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Ravi Varanasi brings 20 years of global engineering leadership experience starting his career in mission critical real-time deployments, various industry firsts in network-as-a-platform solutions, routing, switching, network security, application intelligent networking and most recently in appliance and mobile smart phone based security, enablement and mobility control for Unified Communications (UC) over IP. As speaker at various technology events, bake-offs, Govt. summits in US, Belgium, India, Singapore, Thailand – Ravi brought in new business opportunities while being the key presenter in Executive Briefing Center at Cisco on NAC, Security technologies. With a combination of experience in various roles in Cisco for 11 years and as Vice President, Engineering for 3+ years in startup leading product Dev and Operations, Ravi successfully ran global teams. He built fully functional global operations for Cisco in US, UK, Israel, India and for the UC startup in US and India. As co-founder of Cisco NAC ® - which is now an industry revolution – he built geographically distributed cross-functional team across various business units, various cultural domains, successfully architected, lead and delivered this patented solution and won “Teamwork of the Year” award in Cisco.

With passion to innovate and create network-effect of people, Ravi co-founded Desihub and was President and CEO of this community portal from 2004 to 2006 where he focused on building global hubs with customized blogging. His part-time activities include roles as presenter in Stanford Computer Forum on emerging network security technologies and as Math professor in Turningpoint Academy in San Jose bay area.

Ravi obtained his MBA (Finance and Entrepreneurship) from Santa Clara University, California and B.Tech (Computer Science) from BITS, Pilani, India.