Sam Swaminathan: Profile
Member DNA Global Partner/Consultant Network

Sam Swaminathan, is a trainer, consultant, speaker, and writer. He started his career as an electrical engineer in the Navy, but after ten years, he got tired of the rigid hierarchy and mindless regulations. Meanwhile, he went to business school, and after receiving his MBA, worked with Shell in the Middle East for a number of years. Then, a brief stint as head of consulting at a Big Four accounting firm convinced him that there must be a better way to help clients. Not sure what that better really meant, he took a sabbatical and taught Human Resources for four years at a newly set up college system in Dubai. At that time, he started helping a student of his [the only son of a rich businessman] stabilized his business, when his father suddenly died. This gave him time to clarify in his mind what would serve clients well, and how he ought to go about it. He got his magic mantra -be honest, serve with passion, focus on client needs, and let your work shine through the mirror of your clients' success. With this as the central thought, he set up the Center for Creative Thinking in 1995.

His work is focused on leadership development, helping companies go global by identifying the right competencies, designing/delivering cutting edge programs, and facilitating organizational development. He strives to provide thought leadership and coaching to middle and senior level executives, and help in identifying and managing talent.
His clients are spread over several countries -from the USA to India and Sri Lanka. He helps leaders understand how to operate profitably in a global and highly uncertain world. His clients belong to diverse industries, sectors, and geographies, including cutting edge consulting giants, global technology leaders, engineering behemoths, transportation and logistics champions, leading industrial goods manufacturers, food distributors, construction conglomerates, government bodies, and retailers.

Having lived and worked in many countries, Sam has gained a deep understanding of the impact of cultural differences, and how this may be leveraged. He uses storytelling as a foundational methodology, since stories cut across all divides -age, sex, culture, religion, race, level, etc -and is the most powerful tool available to influence thinking. So his calling card reads Storyteller.

He hopes that by developing great leaders he would help organizations become world class, based on the attributes of Fortune's Most Admired list.