Somik Raha: Profile
Member DNA Global Partner/Consultant Network

Somik Raha is in the business of helping decision makers align their decisions with their deepest values. In particular, his work focuses on helping organizations examine whether they transcend the for- and non-profit categories and really fall into the "beyond-profit" category, where profit is to be respected as a means-to-an-end and not the end-in-itself. Many beyond-profits, being ignorant of their own nature, routinely make decisions as though profit is what they are ultimately after, and due to this misalignment, achieve mediocrity at best. Examining an organization's deepest held values and aligning decisions with those values is both an art and a science, one that promises to take an organization away from mediocrity and toward excellence. Somik has a Ph.D. in Decision and Risk Analysis from Stanford University in the Department of Management Science and Engineering, and his dissertation was titled, "Achieving Clarity on Value."