Sudhakar Gopalakrishnan: Profile
Member DNA Global Partner/Consultant Network

Sudhakar Gopalakrishnan, is a material scientist and supply chain professional. After working as a material scientist for a number of years in industries ranging from ceramic packages, flat panel displays to electronic cooling devices, he successfully transitioned to a global supply chain role dealing with contract manufacturer and suppliers based in Asia, Europe and the U.S. launched a management consulting firm and a product management company. He has worked with leading organizations like Alcoa Electronic Packaging, Candescent Technologies and Emerson Electric.

He is a scientist and engineer by education and training and then gained valuable experience in process and material development, supply chain strategies and planning. He has attended workshops in negotiation strategies, supply chain planning and environmental and health safety, with business leaders from different industry segments. He has gained valuable insight into lean manufacturing methodologies and is currently researching green supply chain solutions. During the last few years he has focused on seamless execution of supply chain strategies at Emerson Electric. Sudhakar has a Ph.D. in Ceramic Science. He is the author of numerous articles and patents in the field of Ceramic materials development.