William Malek: Profile
Member DNA Global Thought Leadership/Advisory Network

William Malek, is the Strategy Execution Officer for Strategy2Reality LLC and the former program director for the Stanford Advanced Project Management programat Stanford University.

William’s passion in life has beenthe study of strategy execution, organizational alignment and how to lead a positive organization which he has put into action in his twenty nine-years of experience in strategic planning, leadership training, transformational projects, and organizational development.

His mastery of effective strategic planning techniques, organizational design and strategic leadership required to accelerate enterprise performance along with his dynamic presence as a trainer and project facilitatorhave earned him an international reputation as a keynote speaker, workshop leader, strategic consultant and author.

As one of the top-ranked instructors, he has taught the award-winning Stanford coursesthat he helped refine and develop including ‚Converting Strategy into Action,‛ "Designing Organizations for Execution," "Mastering the Project Portfolio," and "Leadership for Strategic Execution."Williamhas the ability to adapt to the cultural diversity required in today's global market as evidenced by his successful deliveries and speaking engagementsin India, South Korea, Thailand, Australia, South America, China and Europe.

William has held executive positions,including CEO of IPSolutions, as well as facilitated Fortune 500 senior management teams in companies such as IBM, Qualcomm, Cisco, McKesson and the Library of Congress. Some of his organizational learning and innovative thinking is discussed in the new book he co-authored called Executing Your Strategy: How to Break it Down & Get it Donepublished by the Harvard Business School Press.

Heholds an MBA from Capella University and a BS in engineering from the University of California-Santa Barbara. A few of his certifications include Stanford Certified Project Manager (SCPM), Project Management Professional (PMP®) and New Product Development Professional (NPDP).

Hi guiding Principles:

Exceed client expectations
Live the Golden Rule
Be a leader
Build partnerships
Pursue only excellence
Work as a team
Walk the talk (or at least stumble and mumble
Keep it simple
Share knowledge
Have fun