Vivek Sharma : Profile
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Born in 1959, Vivek Sharma did his schooling from Dehradun. He has a post graduate degree in Law. He has been a publisher by profession since 1986. Some of his notable publications have been Orchid Flora of North West Himalaya, Som Deva, Road to Freedom, Akhil Bakshi, Portrait of a New Social Order, S.M. Krishnatry What Is True Wealth and how we can create it, Verna Allee and Dinesh Chandra, which has contributions from 15 countries with a lead article from His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Other notable projects have been a book on the Junkanoo festival of the Bahamas - I come to get me, Arlene Nash Furguson (former Minister of Education in the Bahamas).

He also headed a tech company Wondersoft Ltd. which was mentored by Mr. Ashok Trivedi of iGate Capital, and developed ERP programs on the open source platform to benefit schools and training institutions. I-school 2000 was a very pioneering product on a Linux server appliance and was a cost effective method to integrate all stages of school management as well as an intranet giving secure access to all students, teachers, parents and administrators. This was exhibited in the India Internet World exhibition. Managing the Indian National Congress Website in 3 languages he is an integral part of the All India Congress Committee, heading the IT technical team which has seen 3 National Elections. Vivek has now been instructed to handle the Portal for 125 Year Celebrations of the Congress Party. Vivek believes in using technology to bridge the digital divide and making it useful for all. A effective team leader he knows how to organize, motivate and deliver on enterprise level projects.

He has been involved in many not for profit ventures in India and overseas, organising and tracking programs for them. He is the founder of “The Living Earth Society” which is involved in conserving and preserving the bio diversity of the Himalayan flora.

In 2002 he organized an International peace conference “People to People Dialogue for Peace and Prosperity” in association with Pragati Foundation at Asia Plateau, Panchgani Maharashtra, India. This was well attended by many prominent people of Pakistan and J&K state India. Notable was the fact that former Army Generals who has fought two wars could sit across the table and talk. In 2007 he organized an International Conference “How to Create a Network of Doctors and Support Staff for Crisis Areas due to Natural Calamities” in association with AMDA( Association of Medical Doctors of Asia) AMDA is a UN recognized organization working tirelessly primarily in disaster areas. Medical Doctor’s from more than 30 countries took part in the conference.

In 2004 he set up the Gandhi Ashram Reconstruction Trust on the inspiration of late Dr. Nirmala Deshpande, (veteran Gandhian and Parliamentarian). The Trust is a unique experiment in reviving the legacy of Mahatma Gandhi and wants to create new Gandhis who can think and work for the good of the society. The Trust is involved in many projects helping in raising resources for institutions set up by Gandhiji, all over India including the remotest Tribal areas.

Vivek is dedicated to promoting accountability and transparency in both government and corporations. With the Trust as a medium he wants to use collaborative leadership as a tool to bring people together, surpass organizational boundaries and share a vision to influence the forces shaping our world.

Enabling a hope for the future, and with a collective goal to understand that the fundamental level of human need is peace and harmony he wants leaders to realize that their personal journey is linked to a greater cause for universal responsibility.