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DNA Global launches its Webinar Series for 2010 covering Global Leadership, Strategy Execution and Strategic Partnerships.
The first in the series is "Corporate Global Citizenship (CGC) Webinar series 2010". This series will consists of six monthly Webinar covering the five key characteristics of CGC: Global Mindset, Cross Cultural Competence, Tech Savvy, Partnering Skills and Collaborative Leadership. This is based on the research involving leaders from over 120 of the world’s leading organizations.*
  1. Global Mindset meanslooking at the world from every possible angle, intuitively synchronizing to the prevailing culture, social trends, levels of technology, and the dynamics of the local political-economic realities. (“Leadership without Borders”-Ed Cohen)
  2. Cross-Cultural Competence means understanding national, regional, ethnic, industry, organizational, professional, gender and age cultures, and having the ability to interact, lead and manage effectively in these diverse cultural environments (Karine Schomer)
  3. Technology Savvy means enthusiasm in understanding technology advances and its strategic use for the organization. Views technology as an integral part of life – not believing that “it is something important for staff and operations but not for me” (M. Goldsmith)
  4. Partnering Skills is ability to negotiate complex alliances and manage complex networks of relationships and building positive, long term, win-win relationships (M. Goldsmith)
  5. Collaborative Leadership is about getting the right people together in the right way: convening is a more critical skill than commanding (Peter Block)
To address the above topics we will be inviting some of the leading thought leaders. Below is the partial list of Thought Leaders who will be participating in our Webinar Series 2010.
  • Peter Block
    Author: "Community: Structure of Belonging, Stewardship" and "Flawless Consulting"
  • Ed Cohen
    Author: "Leadership without Borders"
  • David Coleman
    Author: "Collaboration 2.0"
  • Dr. Marshall Goldsmith
    Author: "What Got You Here Won’t Get You There", "The Leader of the Future" and "Global Leadership: Next generation*"
  • Dr. Anil Gupta
    Author: "Getting China and India Right" and "The Quest for Global Dominance"
  • Maya Hu-Chan
    Author: "Global Leadership: The Next Generation"
  • Stewart Levine
    Author: "Getting to Resolution", "Collaboration 2.0" & "The Book of Agreements"
  • Linda Naiman
    Author: "Orchestrating Collaboration at Work"
  • Dr. Karine Schomer
    Change Management and Global Cross-Cultural Management Consultant and author of the column "Culture Matters"
  • Dr. Doug Walton
    Author: "Internet-based Framework for Empowering Social Change"
  • Diana Whitney
    Author: "The Power of Appreciative Inquiry: A Practical Guide to Positive Change"
  • Liz Wiseman
    Author: "Genius Makers: Why Some Leaders Create Intelligence everywhere"
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