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Corporate Global Citizen (CGC) - A new Avatar of Global Leadership
An Innovative Integrated Certification Program on Global Leadership Competencies & a CORE Insight (We are Connected)
What are the challenges for today's Corporate Citizen, Manager & Leader?
In the fast paced increasingly interconnected global market place with shifting business trends & technology, todays leaders struggle to find new ways to collaborate, partner, understand cultural complexity. To successfully work with global, customers, suppliers and co-workers, managers seek ways to enhance their competencies which they can apply in their day to day operations. To successfully integrate work & life while making a difference in the world.
  What is CGC? In an increasingly diverse, expanding and interconnected global marketplace, today‚Äôs global leaders face new challenges. Leaders need to balance global and local needs, while managing growth with collaboration and a deeper understanding of local culture. This cerification will address these critical needs in an innovative way combining on-line Webinar, videos, programs & coaching while having fun.

Benefits: This certification will provide new insights to the participants, helping them understand and learn the Five Competencies to collaborate, communicate and partner more effectively with colleagues as well as with global customers and suppliers.

New skills & competencies: What are the new skills that global leaders and managers need to master in the fast changing global marketplace?

The five characteristics of global leaders are described by our network partner Marshall Goldsmith in his book "Global Leadership: The Next Generation". We call these Corporate Global Citizens (CGC), Corporate Global Managers (CGM) & Corporate Global Leaders (CGL). The Corporate Global Citizen certification will take the participants on a deep dive with the Five Competencies and the CORE insight, WE are Connected.
  Looking at the world from every possible angle, intuitively synchronizing to the prevailing culture, social trends, levels of technology, and the dynamics of the local political and economic realities.
  Understanding national, regional, ethnic, organizational, professional, gender and age cultures. Having the ability to interact, lead and manage effectively in these diverse cultural environments.
  Enthusiastic in understanding techonology advances and its strategic use for the organization and self. Viewing technology as an integral part of life and work.
  Ability to negotiate complex alliances and manage networks of relationships while simultaneously building positive, long term, win-win relationships with global cultural awareness.
  Getting the right people together in the right way. Believing that Collaboration is a more critical skill than Commanding.
  Building strong sense of connection in all six degrees of connection at both personal and professional level. Assess where you are by using an assessment tool and define your metrics. It helps you to integrate your work & life and your larger purpose (Making a difference in the world)

Certification Highlights:

  • An innovative integrated certification on Global Leadership for corporate citizens, managers and leaders
  • Deep Dive into Global Leadership Competencies and CORE insight (We are Connected)
  • Webinar, Videos and Programs conducted by Experts in their field - Maya Hu-Chan, Dinesh Chandra, Ed Cohen, Stewart Levine, Doug Walton & Karine Schomer
  • World Renowned Thought Leaders
  • Wide variety of perspective from global leaders
  • Opportunity to Network with participants with global experience by connecting with us socially
  • CGC Certification for corporate citizens, managers and leaders
  • Customized programs available from 1 day to 3 days
  • Can be certified by taking 6+ hrs of Webinar/video and passing the test
Who should attend:
This certification is designed to benefit leaders, managers and professionals who interact and work in global, multi cultural and diverse business environments.
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