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Are you getting challenged to benchmark your organization with other global companies in Globalization maturity?

  1. Do you know your organization DNA?
  2. Does your leadership team have global Mindset to lead your organization to global success?
Global Strategy Framework

We can help you in advancing your Globalization initiative by bringing in the following tools, framework and insight.


  1. Globalization assessment tool for your organization to benchmark with others global organizations.
  2. Organizational DNA assessment tool.
  3. Assess Global Leadership Quotient for your leadership team.
Global Strategy Assessment


  1. Facilitating Assessment of where your organization is compared to others.
  2. Consensus building in the top management team with regards to Globalization strategy, creating their understanding and ownership for execution. Helping organization to align strategy, structure, culture and leadership for seamless global execution.
  3. Facilitation of the change process in your organization regarding Globalization.
Is Your Organization Aligned?
Global Strategy Execution
The key question is, for improving execution, what kind of changes are needed in your organization, to align structure and culture with the current strategy?
DNA Global Network can help you to
  – Assess the DNA of your organization,
– Develop a business case for the change
– Create a common purpose and vision
– Implement the change for better alignment and execution
Appropriate structure and culture for four types strategies in an aligned organization as illustrated above.
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